Romance de la muerte y la doncella. A Roberto Gerhard (2012)

for guitar and string quartet

a Jürgen Ruck

Romance de la muerte y la doncella elabora, para
guitarra y cuarteto de cuerda, temas originales de una
obra para guitarra sola que Roberto Gerhard escribió
como música para una pelicula de la BBC basada en la
novela de Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls
(Por quién doblan las campanas).

Romance de la muerte y la doncella. Folk Song. Jürgen Ruck, guit. Scharoun Ensemble. Ansbach 29/04/2012

World Premiére: Ansbach, 29/04/2012

Internationale Gitarrenkonzerte Ansbach
Scharoun Ensemble. Berlin
Wolfram Brandl, Marlene Ito, violín
Micha Afkam, viola
Richard Duven, violonchelo
Jürgen Ruck, guitarra

Romance de la muerte y la doncella. Part II. Jürgen Ruck, guit. Scharoun Ensemble. Ansbach 29/04/2012

It has been some years that I study and admire the work of Roberto Gerhard, and recently, guitar player Jürgen Ruck showed me the guitar score of “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, published by Editorial Tritó. Being a score made for a film, (an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s novel) in the edition it is acompained by an arrangement made by Meirion Bowen to be interpreted at concerts. A short time after this, Jürgen Ruck and the Scharoun Ensemble (, chamber group of the Berliner Philharmoniker, asked me to make an elaboration of the work for string quartet and guitar. The richness of the music and the extraordinary guitar writing of the work would be projected in a chamber group, in a wide work for quintet with guitar. The careful study of the work as well as the chamber music works by Gerhard (the string quartets, Libra, Gemini…) have been the guide of this work, in which the original soloist path is reflected and amplified in the new concert dimension, in an homage/dialogue with one of the great composers of XX century.

Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 06/07/2013

Jürgen Ruck, guitarra

Cuarteto Granados

David Mata, Marc Oliú, violín

Andoni Mercero, viola

Aldo Mata, violoncelo

Jürgen Ruck, guitar, Cuarteto Granados

Brussels. Royal Conservatory Hall. 30/04/2015

Yannis Efstathopoulos, guitar

Nostos Quartet

Panos Charalampidis, Xavi Tortosa, violin

Albert Paya, viola

Pierre Sutra, cello

Aspasia Fragoulopoulou, actor